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NIPPON GOHSEI was founded in 1927, and in the following year, it succeeded in producing acetic acid by organic synthesis for the first time in Japan. Since then, NIPPON GOHSEI has been developing its business based on acetic acid derivative products. NIPPON GOHSEI is in pursuit of being a company with a global presence under its corporate philosophy, “Aiming to create new value through chemical-based technology, and contribute to the realization of a comfortable and better quality of life.”

NIPPON GOHSEI has been expanding its business centering on synthetic resin products, including “Gohsenol” (polyvinyl alcohol / PVOH), “OPL Film” (PVOH film for LCD), “SoarnoL” (EVOH), and “Coponyl” (acrylic copolymer for pressure sensitive adhesive), as its current mainstay products. NIPPON GOHSEI’s products are used in a wide range of fields including general industrial materials, food packaging materials, information electronics materials, optical materials, and intermediates of medicine and agrichemicals.

NIPPON GOHSEI (U.S.A.) Co., Ltd. was established under the mission to promote NIPPON GOHSEI’s business development in the United States. Presently, it plays the role of the holdings company of Noltex L.L.C. (as a “SoarnoL” manufacturer) and Soarus L.L.C. (as a sales company of “SoarnoL”, “Gohsenol”, and other NIPPON GOHSEI products). Furthermore, NIPPON GOHSEI (U.S.A.) is responsible for the sales and marketing activities of NIPPON GOHSEI products such as “Nichigo G-Tape”, a product developed by NIPPON GOHSEI, in the United States. NIPPON GOHSEI (U.S.A.) responds to customers’ inquiries and makes efforts toward a global expansion of NIPPON GOHSEI products.

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